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"This was one of - if not the most enjoyable medical appt. I've ever had!"
- Pam Howell, 2009


"I was treated in a very courteous and respectful way - Thanks"
- Millie Hathaway, 2009


"The staff was very kind and professional. The office atmosphere was very warm and inviting. Taylor was not feeling well but felt like a million dollars after we left. Thanks for all of your help and professionalism!"
- Sandy Thompson, 2009


Ultrasound Technology

Vivid 7 ConsoleToday's ultrasound technology is amazing. When properly combined with training and experience of the technologist, ultrasound goes beyond the obvious pathology and reveals subtle, sometimes hidden abnormalities. At Ultrasound Imaging Specialists we provide the advanced digital equipment that is necessary to make the most accurate diagnosis.

Especially in Echocardiography (heart ultrasound) advanced digital technology has made it possible to assess heart function in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. With “Tissue Harmonics” tissue characteristics can be described in minute detail which helps tailor treatment in a more specific manor.

Most important, our patients can always trust that as advances are made in ultrasound, we at Ultrasound Imaging Specialists promise to be on the cutting edge.


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